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When BC Hydro Goes Out, We Got You Covered

Power Generators in Williams Lake 

Generators are a saving grace during a power outage - both at home, as well as in commercial setups. While the needs of both are slightly different, the end goal is the same - to avoid the inconvenience and damage caused by power outages. Kicking in within seconds of an outage, standby generators have become a necessity for both businesses and homeowners. Additionally, since home generators use propane or natural gas, refuelling is not a concern. Having a standby generator on your premises is not simply about convenience, but also about saving time, effort, and other resources. This becomes especially important in commercial establishments where it’s crucial for you to create and maintain a positive impression of yourself and your business.

Let Us Install Them For You

We don’t just sell generators, but also offer generator installation and maintenance services. We handle generators of all sizes and capacities for use in homes, offices, hotels or any other commercial space. Whatever your requirement may be, our licensed electricians will ensure a job well done. We will set up the appropriate breaker in your building’s panel to accommodate for both size and capacity of your generator.


Do It Right the First Time

We do the job right from start to finish. We have the experience to tackle any large project.

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