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Living Off the Grid

Solar Panel Installation Services out of Williams Lake, BC

It’s no secret that solar energy is one of the most eco-friendly energy options out there. No wonder then, that so many residences and commercial spaces are switching over to this sustainable source of power. At Cariboo Sterling Electric, we are proud to bring the sun’s energy straight into your offices, apartments and even houses with our solar power services. From installations to maintenance, we have got you covered for any solar power needs you may have. If you’re living off the grid, in a place where no power exists, then our solar panels and batteries are the right solution for you, as they will keep your business and home running with efficient and environmentally-friendly energy.

History and Working of Solar Power

In 1954, Bell Labs harnessed solar energy as an electricity source to power devices. While the conversion efficiency during that time was a mere 4%, now it has increased to 20% and is constantly rising, thanks to our technological advancements. If you’re wondering how solar power works, the technical answer lies in the photovoltaic effect. When the light of the sun hits the silicon cells of a solar panel, its electrons get charged and generate electric current. And that’s how solar power helps us in operating our devices.

Why Make the Switch?

Besides being a sustainable and renewable source of energy, solar panels can also result in significant savings in terms of electricity bills. While there is a one-time cost involved for installation, the savings that you would make in the long run would not only let you break even but could also make it an investment worth considering. Hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces, and even homes have registered significant reductions in their bills thanks to solar panels. Moreover, solar energy never fails - after all, the sun isn’t going anywhere.

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Electric lines may not reach everywhere, but solar panels and batteries can. Be it a resort in a remote location, a farm in the middle of nowhere, or even a cottage in the mountains - your property can stay powered continuously thanks to ever-available solar energy. You just have to tell us where you want it, and we will install the panels or batteries for you.


Do It Right the First Time

We do the job right from start to finish. We have the experience to tackle any large project.

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